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Nervous Wreck

Nov 04, 2021

Nervous Wreck
10/2019 I am so uncomfortable when I am in social situations. I sweat and get so nervous. A friend introduced me to this product and I never leave home without it. - Martha O.
10/2019 A coworker had my use the Nervous Wreck patch before one of my presentations. I can't thank her enough for introducing me to the product. - Jeff C
12/2019 My mom had purchased the Essentials Patch Bundle and had me try the Nervous Wreck patch prior to an upcoming job interview. I went into the job interview feeling calm, collected, and focused. Thank you Vici - Bobbi J
4/2020 I originally saw these patches and wondered if they actually worked. I took a chance on the two I really needed, Scatter Brain and Nervous Wreck.
Well, they worked so well I bought the 30-packs immediately. My monkey mind is quieted now, and I can remember and focus on everything. The Nervous Wreck is wonderful and relaxed my mind to where I was no longer anxiety ridden.
A skeptic turned into a loyal customer! - Renee M.