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Breathe in Relief - Oh Migraine Aromatherapy Roller

Aug 15, 2022

Breathe in Relief - Oh Migraine Aromatherapy Roller

Support and Relief with Oh Mi-Graine Aromatherapy Roller

Aromatherapy is a term induced from the Latin word "aroma", meaning fragrance. This technique involves the usage of aromatic essential oils and different herbal extracts for treatment therapy purposes.

Among our five sense organs, the most direct connection of the brain is with the olfactory organ (nose). The stimulus it receives directly goes to the brain without being filtered by brain's part thalamus. Therefore, research and trials have proven the use of aromatherapy for migraines as an effective management technique for migraine headaches.

The Oh Mi-Graine Aromatherapy Roller is made keeping in view one of the most effective essential oils for migraine headaches that are also used as a component of preventive migraine medication. Let us have a brief insight into each of them so that you may know how the Oh Mi-Graine roller will help you with migraine headaches.


Lavender Oil

In our search for essential oils helpful in migraines, lavender is the one that needs to be addressed here due to its amazing analgesic effects. Most of the essential oils available in markets today are synthetic and therefore do not provide the desired results when used in aromatherapy for migraine headaches. However, the pure essential Lavender oil in Oh Mi-Graine Aromatherapy roller provides quick relief for acute migraine headaches. It relieves headaches and provides an overall soothing effect to the sinuses and head.


Coconut Oil

You must have heard of coconut oil usage for hair and skin care regimens, but did you know this essential oil is a migraine reliever as well? It provides overall warmth and a soothing effect, thus relieving the smooth muscle spasms of the blood vessels in your head. Hence the migraine pain associated with this spasm is effectively controlled. It reduces stress and pressure, especially on your temples and surrounding areas. Thus, it is used for treatment and preventive medication for migraine headaches since it is triggered by stress as well.



A case study conducted in Southern Iran revealed that after menthol application, migraine patients experienced significant relief in the pain and aura-associated symptoms like nausea, vomiting, phonophobia and photophobia. Hence, we have used

an appropriate amount of menthol in Oh Mi-Graine aromatherapy roller to provide an effective combination for the migraine headache. You can apply it to your temples, tip of your nose, and neck to relieve that annoying and debilitating migraine headache.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil has various therapeutic properties, including anti-bacterial, secretolytic (breaking secretions like phlegm and mucus blocks), carminative and provides an overall cooling effect. Research has proved its positive impact on cognitive functions and overall well-being. It also relaxes the muscles and ligaments around your skull, in addition to the aroma relaxing the nervous system. Patients have reported getting relief from migraine headaches after peppermint oil application.


Sum Up

Migraines are one of the most agonizing pains and can pop up specifically in unwanted and busy times. Anything that can help relieve the pain without posing adverse effects is all you want at that time. Hence Oh Mi-Graine Aromatherapy Roller can do the drill for you. Infused with 100% pure and fresh essential oils, it aims to relieve the pain, discomfort and disability associated with migraine. Giving it a try won't be a bad idea.



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