Convenient and Easy to Use

Whether its our topical patches, roller balls or cbd topical gels and lip balms, VICI products allow our customers easy convenience along with the simplicity to use them.
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Pure and Safe

We believe everyone deserves to feel in control and have options to choose from. Our products are created to help you support your health and wellness needs.
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Made in the USA

We are proud that VICI products are made and manufactured in the USA.  We utilize organic hemp in our products. Read More

VICI – ‘Lights Out’ Topical Patch

CBD/Sleep Patch

Lights Out is a simple topical patch you wear at night.  It contains 17 natural ingredients to support a night of restful sleep with no morning grogginess.

VICI supports you and your best self

VICI is natural

VICI prides itself by using natural ingredients in products. We believe everyone deserves to feel healthy and empowered. Our customized patches and products are created to support you and your best self.

What are Cannabinoids?

CBD – short for cannabidiol – is a plant compound found in the industrial hemp plant.  CBD can be ingested or used topically.

Cannabinoid receptors respond to endogenous cannabinoids, as well as CBD.

CB1 Receptors which are found primarily in the brain (central nervous system), but also in the lungs, liver and kidneys. These receptors work to regulate things such as appetite, memory, and pain.

CB2 Receptors which are found primarily in the immune system and in hematopoietic cells. These receptors work to reduce inflammation throughout the body.