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Relax and Bring Calm with Nervous Wreck Topical Patches

Jul 11, 2022

Relax and Bring Calm with Nervous Wreck Topical Patches

Topical options are being preferred worldwide by patients now because of the non-invasive properties of these patches. You don’t have to eat, drink or inject the substances into your body and still get the desired relief just by sticking a pain-less patch on your skin.

This has led us to formulate a topical patch formula for your overwhelmed, cranky, anxious feelings. Since life has become super robotic and busy these days, it is essential to put in extra effort to soothe all the stress and anxiety.

We are routinely burdened and overwhelmed, but we usually do not realize it until something soothes and reduces our stress levels actively. The nervous wreck topical patches are packed with all the essential ingredients that will do this job efficiently. It consists of:

Lemon Balm Leaf

It is an herb belonging to the mint family. Having scientifically proven effects on mood and sleep disorders, anxiety, depression and epilepsy, it is no less than a natural blessing. It is even beneficial for severe conditions like epilepsy and amnesia. It alleviated the agonizing nerve pain sciatica as well.

Be it a sleep issue or a continuously overwhelming stress headache, lemon balm leaf extract is suitable for all. Herbal experts even consider it a natural and alternative treatment for anxiety.

This led us to incorporate it as a significant ingredient for the nerve wrecker topical patches. As mentioned earlier, it is a treat for your mind, body and soul with several neurological benefits.

Ashwagandha Root

Also called Indian cherry, the ashwagandha root is an essential component of ayurvedic herbal medications. Research has confirmed its anti-anxiety and anti-stress effects in animals as well as humans. The nervous wreck topical patch contains an abundant amount of this unique extract, thus relieving the stress and burden on your body and soul.

Another experimental study has come up with the beneficial results of ashwagandha in effectively improving the sleep quality of the patients. Thus, the nerve wrecker topical patch will relieve stress and help you enjoy uninterrupted and peaceful sleep. It also poses a beneficial impact on the endocrinal, diuretic and reproductive systems of the body.

Passion Flower

Passionflower is an efficient natural ingredient which is even being used as a part of allopathic medications for generalized anxiety. It effectively calms down the nerves and helps relieve anxiety and stress. It is also beneficial for forgetfulness and dementia problems. Hence it is a complete package for your nerves and strengthens them naturally. The best thing is there are no adverse effects we face while using allopathic medications.


The nerve wrecker topical patch is an herbal therapy where you just have to stick it on the body for 8 to 10 hours. The naturally soothing ingredients are absorbed by your skin and inculcated into the body through blood circulation. Since blood reaches all the body parts, its relaxing effects do so as well; Resultantly, you benefit yourself with all the herbal ingredients without any potential side effects that come with other medications. Just gather the patches and relieve your body and soul.

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