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Why Oh-Migraine Topical Patches are a best seller!

Jun 22, 2022

Why Oh-Migraine Topical Patches are a best seller!


Support and Relief with Oh Mi-Graine Topical Patches for Migraine Headaches

If you are the one who has ever experienced a migraine headache, you know how infuriating it can be. A survey revealed that 17.9% of adults in the U.S have suffered from severe migraine in the last three months. However, not just a routine headache; migraine is a cluster of complex neurological disorders. Keeping in view the physical and mental debilitation associated with migraine, we have come up with an ultimate relief.

After extensive research, The Oh Mi-Graine Topical Patch is made from a combination of natural ingredients that help relieve and soothe discomfort. When we say natural ingredients, we don’t mean something just as a home remedy for migraine headaches but as an ultimate relief solution. The origin of medications like alkaloids and salicylates used nowadays in allopathy is from several natural herbs. This shows the positive impact of herbal remedies when used appropriately.



Migraines are triggered by several stimulants, including weather, mood changes, hormones, and stress. It is, therefore, difficult to find the ways you can manage and prevent them. Over-the-counter medications can have several side effects, especially their long-term use. However, butterbur is an effective natural alternative for them. It helps relax the fluctuating spasm of blood vessels, thus improving blood circulation. Butterbur has a proven role in amelioration of migraine attack frequency and intensity.



Ashwagandha(feverfew) is another clinically proven herbal miracle for migraine headaches. It is an anti-inflammatory herb, and studies have shown the influential role of feverfew in controlling the severity of migraine attacks. Moreover, it also is used prophylactically to prevent migraine attacks. Whereas the drug therapy routinely prescribed can provide only a small amount of relief which is also not preventive for future attacks.


Co-enzyme Q10

Co-enzyme Q10 (ubiquinone), another startling ingredient of Oh Mi-Graine Topical Patches, effectively controls nausea, cyclic vomiting and other symptoms of aura associated with the frequency of migraine headaches. Moreover, it doesn't have any toxic dose reported, so you can easily use these patches as a part of your daily migraine

regimen without the fear of overdosing or potential side effects. Co-Q 10 works well in children and adolescents too. It has been proved to lessen the migraine-associated disability and frequency of the attacks.

Ginger, Riboflavin and Vitamin D

Your daily household partner ginger isn't something less when it comes to migraines remedies. Yes, you read it right! The Oh Mi-Graine Topical Patches also contain ginger, which is equally effective as the rest of the patch ingredients. The incidence of migraine-associated nausea and vomiting is significantly reduced with ginger, which made us incorporate it in the patches for migraine headache relief. Similarly, magnesium, vitamin D and riboflavin are also effective supplements for migraine management.


Sum Up

Being someone who suffers from migraine, there are numerous things you must be tired of using like analgesics and other over-the-counter medications. If you are looking for an effective natural alternative to them, Oh Mi-Graine Topical Patches is a must-try. It can be easily applied on the skin with 8 – 10 hours of release time, sparing you the hassle of oral migraine medications with various adverse effects.



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