Lights Out

by Camilo Parra on Nov 04, 2021

7/2019 I did my normal nightly routhine and went to lay down in bed, applied the Lights Out Patch on and I must have fallen sleep in 15 minutes. I woke up feeling refreshed and no weird grogginess. I can honestly say I have not had sleep like this since, lets just say high school - amazing product! - Joe D
9/2019 Haven’t slept this well since the 90’s, in our world of constant distractions, stress, and a never ending list that loops in my head at night, I was in a land of my thoughts running in a wheel like a hamster and just not being able to shut it off. I am simply amazed what this little patch can do. I love the convenience of these patches and that they are all natural! So excited that I have this in my arsenal, allowing me to get the rest i so despareatley needed.
Thank you VICI! - Lisa M
12/2019 Luke G. - These are amazing. I have a very hard time sleeping through the night, but I put one of these patches on before bed and I slept like a baby. I cannot sleep without them.
12/2019 Linda B - This product significantly improved my sleep and I did not feel groggy in the morning. I take it 30-45 mins before bed and sleep like a baby.