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Monthly Mayhem

Nov 04, 2021

Monthly Mayhem
10/2019 My mood swings and cramps are out of this world during PMS. But with this patch, they were dramatically reduced. I am not sure if it happens to everyone using it but it makes my sleep sooo sound. I even use it even when it's not near my period. The product is empowering for a woman like me. I am using several of their products and this one is my favorite next to Best Defense. Thank you Vici! - Juli P.
10/2019 Sometimes I feel like so many people have no idea what I go through every month. The swings in my hormone levels cause me complete chaos. Mood changes, energy changes, stomach cramps, back aches and I was left feeling just overwhelmed and kept telling myself - just deal with it. I had heard about this patch, and decided I had nothing to lose with trying it. Cramps - Gone, Mood Swings were leveled and my energy levels were back to where they needed to be. I not only use this during the PMS time, but whenever I feel off during the lovely hormone shifts we women have. I never knew I needed something so much and honestly still amazed that a little patch could bring me balance. They are so convenient that I keep them in my purse all the time now so I can simply grab one and put it on when i feel the need for support. Thank you VICI for making such a simple product to support women who often feel like they are in a world of madnes in their own bodies. - Jennifer M
12/2019 I struggle with PMDD and severe PMS symptoms. This product has changed my life. This is exactly what my body needs to battle my monthly moods. - Katie D
1/2020 This product works wonders. I get so moody around my cycle and go into "Hulk Mode" as my daughter says. I finally have something that helps calm my moods and makes me somewhat pleasant to be around during my period. Thank you so much for a great product. - Julie I.