Best Defense

by Camilo Parra on Nov 04, 2021

10/2019 I love these! I travel a lot for work a lot and always need to take some type of immune booster for my trips. I love the convenience of the patch and that they last 8-10 hours. - Jon D
10/2019 I am a preschool teacher and use these religiously to help boost my immune system from all the germs that are EVERYWHERE in my classroom. I make sure to wear one everyday.
12/2019 These are part of my must haves before I go to any conferences. I don' t have to bring a bunch of pill bottles, just slip these in my purse and put on daily! - Michelle M
1/2020 I just hate taking pills. A friend shared the Best Defense with me and I am now a lifelong customer of so many of their products. Margie Z
2/2020 VICI's Best Defense is now part of my daily routine. Easiest part of my day - just peel and just put on, love them! - Toni L.
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