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Best Defense

Nov 04, 2021

Best Defense

​We all need to give our body, the natural tools it needs, to keep it in tip top boosting shape to fight Colds, Flus, Viruses and Allergies.

Our Best Defense Topical Patch is packed with Elderberry, Vitamin C, Echinacea, Turmeric, Zinc, and many more natural ingredients that are known to boost your body so it can put up its' best defense.

Pair it with the the warmth and fresh smelling Best Defense Aromatherapy Roller, and kick those olfactory senses into their defensive gear!


10/2019 I love these! I travel a lot for work a lot and always need to take some type of immune booster for my trips. I love the convenience of the patch and that they last 8-10 hours. - Jon D
10/2019 I am a preschool teacher and use these religiously to help boost my immune system from all the germs that are EVERYWHERE in my classroom. I make sure to wear one everyday.
12/2019 These are part of my must haves before I go to any conferences. I don' t have to bring a bunch of pill bottles, just slip these in my purse and put on daily! - Michelle M
1/2020 I just hate taking pills. A friend shared the Best Defense with me and I am now a lifelong customer of so many of their products. Margie Z
2/2020 VICI's Best Defense is now part of my daily routine. Easiest part of my day - just peel and just put on, love them! - Toni L.