Scatter Brain

by Camilo Parra on Nov 04, 2021

10/2019 I am so happy to have found VICI and their Scatter Brain product. I have tried and been prescribed so many things that seemed to only work temporarily. I seem to always have trouble with staying on task and focused, and this product was so simple to use and actually works so well – I’m amazed – Than you VICI - Lisa Mallery
10/2019 My boyfriends oldest son was really having a major challenge focusing on his homework, just easily distracted with anything. We tried this on him and we were quite amazed - really a transformation happened. He now comes home, and gets his work done with no fuss! - David H.
12/2019 My autistic neice has ADHD and struggled focusing in school. I put the Scatter Brain patch on her before school and now she wants one put on her everyday.
4/2020 I originally saw these patches and wondered if they actually worked. I took a chance on the two I really needed, Scatter Brain and Nervous Wreck.
Well, they worked so well I bought the 30-packs immediately. My monkey mind is quieted now, and I can remember and focus on everything. The Nervous Wreck is wonderful and relaxed my mind to where I was no longer anxiety ridden.
A skeptic turned into a loyal customer! - Renee M.