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Scatter Brain

Nov 04, 2021

Scatter Brain
Ever get distracted by butterflies?

If you have ever been stuck on pause, just can't seem to focus long enough to get your stuff done, little distractions just pull your attention away?

That is the magic of Scatter Brain.

This patch will get you locked in, to accomplish the goals in front of you.

Scatter Brain Topical Patch is formulated with a comprehensive brain balance blend to enhance memory, task execution, and support overall brain health.

Scatter Brain is a non-stimulant patch. An easy to use patch to increase attention span and stay calm.

You can combine, mix and match, and wear more than 1 patch at a time.

VICI Wellness Scatter Brain Aromatherapy Roller is packed with high quality essential oils.


Wild Orange oil which is extremely popular due to it's energizing aroma. It posses several antioxidants, which many cite to help to uplift the mind and body

Peppermint is one of the best oils to use for focus and concentration. The minty aroma is stimulates the mind and give a boost of energy.

10/2019 I am so happy to have found VICI and their Scatter Brain product. I have tried and been prescribed so many things that seemed to only work temporarily. I seem to always have trouble with staying on task and focused, and this product was so simple to use and actually works so well – I’m amazed – Than you VICI - Lisa Mallery
10/2019 My boyfriends oldest son was really having a major challenge focusing on his homework, just easily distracted with anything. We tried this on him and we were quite amazed - really a transformation happened. He now comes home, and gets his work done with no fuss! - David H.
12/2019 My autistic neice has ADHD and struggled focusing in school. I put the Scatter Brain patch on her before school and now she wants one put on her everyday.
4/2020 I originally saw these patches and wondered if they actually worked. I took a chance on the two I really needed, Scatter Brain and Nervous Wreck.
Well, they worked so well I bought the 30-packs immediately. My monkey mind is quieted now, and I can remember and focus on everything. The Nervous Wreck is wonderful and relaxed my mind to where I was no longer anxiety ridden.
A skeptic turned into a loyal customer! - Renee M.