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10/2019My migraines started around age 23, they had originally been looked over by my doctors as “sinus” headaches. I knew they had to be more to it, they were either one side or the other and in a constant state of feeling nauseous and like there was an ice-pick twisting in my brain. I have been through lists of migraine medications and they left me feeling like a puddle on the floor and still didn’t give me the relief I was so desperate for. A friend gave me VICI’s Migraine Patch along with their Serenity roller to try, I honestly thought “what can this little patch do?” I tried them and am totally ecstatic to find that they actually worked and worked amazingly. The patch takes all the edge off, I never feel tired using them, the roller ball I can’t say enough about. It’s like breathing in cool fresh calming air. Thank you Thank you Thank you for making these products. Penny L
10/2019I never ran out of pain relievers at home – topical and oral pain meds had been a staple for my migraine attacks. When I tried this patch, my pain reliever dependency is no longer as much. I use it when I feel/get the aura and I just forget that a migraine attack even started. Given that this patch does not have any “pain medicine” makes it revolutionary. I love it! – Ching P.
12/2019I get HORRIBLE hormonal migraines. I am throwing up from the headaches and could only lay down in a dark room. I tried this patch and paired it up with the Monthly Mayhem, HOLY SMOKES. I have not thrown up in over 3 months and have been able to actually function during my periods. I don’t leave home without this in my purse. – Alexis B
1/2020I absolutely love this product! I learned fromThe Migraine Miracle the importance of magnesium. My migraines have subsided about 95%. They are not completely gone but much less severe and infrequent. Huge difference!! I use this patch daily.The combination of ingredients seems just right and I’ve had no adverse effects from the Magnesium. – Lola R.
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