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OH Migraine

10/2019My migraines started around age 23, they had originally been looked over by my doctors as “sinus” headaches. I knew they had to be more to it, they were either one side or the other and in a constant state of feeling nauseous and like there was an...

Scatter Brain

10/2019I am so happy to have found VICI and their Scatter Brain product. I have tried and been prescribed so many things that seemed to only work temporarily. I seem to always have trouble with staying on task and focused, and this product was so simple to use and...

Nervous Wreck

10/2019I am so uncomfortable when I am in social situations. I sweat and get so nervous. A friend introduced me to this product and I never leave home without it. – Martha O.10/2019A coworker had my use the Nervous Wreck patch before one of my presentations. I...

Lights Out

7/2019I did my normal nightly routhine and went to lay down in bed, applied the Lights Out Patch on and I must have fallen sleep in 15 minutes. I woke up feeling refreshed and no weird grogginess. I can honestly say I have not had sleep like this since, lets just say...

Monthly Mayhem

10/2019My mood swings and cramps are out of this world during PMS. But with this patch, they were dramatically reduced. I am not sure if it happens to everyone using it but it makes my sleep sooo sound. I even use it even when it’s not near my period. The...

Best Defense

10/2019I love these! I travel a lot for work a lot and always need to take some type of immune booster for my trips. I love the convenience of the patch and that they last 8-10 hours. – Jon D10/2019I am a preschool teacher and use these religiously to help boost...
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